März 07, 2011

Zuletzt gesehen: MOMMIE DEAREST

"Helga, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt."

"I work and work 'till I'm half-dead, and I hear people saying, 'She's getting old.' And what do I get? A daughter..."

"Christina. Christopher. Damn it."

"Nobody ever said life was fair, Tina. I'm bigger and I'm faster. I will always beat you."

"The biggest female star he's got... ever had... and he's burying me alive. Survive! Survive!"

"Hollywood royalty! Parted friends... everyone already knows! Box office poison! Box office poison! Class! You're... class... you're... class... box office poison!"

"Tina! Bring me the axe!"

"No * Wire * Hangers * Ever!"

"I don't think this is a campy movie. I don't think it's so bad it's good. I think it's so good it's perfect...

...except for a few peculiar lines that do go a little over the top."
(John Waters)